Ar•Ya is everything

Ar•Ya is a way of being.  Ar•Ya is relaxation. Ar•Ya is happiness.

The Ar•Ya Hammock was designed by Calvin Rieger, an inventor and traveler who believed the world needed a better way to relax in a well known concept – a hammock – but designed to work with gravity. A hammock made of a comfortable material you would love to touch, that’s also strong, sturdy and long lasting.

Hammocks in general have a long history of helping people slow down in various ways. The Ar•Ya Hammock is designed to work with gravity in a dynamic way. After years studying gravity, sewing & stitching the Ar•Ya Hammock was born. When we were faced with choosing a material we decided to go our own way which lead us to inventing the Ar•Ya fabric. Ar•Ya is a lightweight, durable & multipurpose material. The Ar•Ya Hammock is our gravity-inspired take on the classic hammock.

Ar•Ya is the name Calvin chose not only because of the meaning, but also because it sounds similar to saying “aaaahhh yeeaaahhh”! Arya is a Sanskrit term frequently used in Buddhism that can be translated as “noble” or “exalted”.  Similarly, we at Ar•Ya want to work towards things which are noble in their cause, and serve a higher philosophical thinking. We bring Ar•Ya as a revolution to the world, by enhancing the age old tradition in terms of its quality and scientific adaptability.

What is Ar•Ya?

(your new favorite thing!)


Ar•Ya was designed to be lightweight, and extremely comfortable. The Ar•Ya Hammock is great for camping, packs well and won't weigh you down. Don't sacrifice weight for comfort!


The Ar•Ya Hammock is designed to work with gravity, and supports up to 700 pounds. We have seen several full size men hanging out in an Ar•Ya Hammock! Ar•Ya Hammocks are designed to last as long as you want them to.


Ar•Ya is not only soft and strong, but durable as well. A great alternate use for the Ar•Ya Hammock is as a ground cloth or blanket, don't worry - Ar•Ya is made for relaxing!


Ar•Ya Hammocks aren't just hammocks, they're air chairs, blankets, ground cloths, bed sheets, sun shades, wind shears, sand protectors , environment concepts, and whatever else you can think to do with your Ar•Ya Hammock.

The Team

Founder and President
Ar•Ya was founded in 2015 by Calvin Rieger, and since then he has been tracalvin-bw-headshotveling throughout Europe and Asia redesigning and perfecting the Ar•Ya fabric, and of course the Ar•Ya hammock. Calvin has a long history of inventing wonderful things, and if you can find Calvin he’ll probably tell you all about them! Calvin has a home in Vienna and loves spending time outdoors with friends and family, relaxing in hammocks!


Andy Harper – Co-founder
Andy has a history of being outside, probably too much. Hiking, backpacking, climbing, all mainstays in the life of Harp. Ar•Ya and Andy are a perfect match. Andy lives outside of Nashville, TN USA with his wife and dogs, in his own park with hiking trails, zip lines, and hammocks!

Show us your Ar•Ya !

We want to hear from you! Send us pictures of you and your Ar•Ya and we will post them. Or just send a picture of your smiling faces 😉 [email protected]