Ar•Ya Hammocks at Campsite, Falls Creek Falls, TN.

Summertime is for going outside, and going outside means camping and hammocks! My friend texted me the other day saying he had a day off and we should go camping. I agreed…though I was pretty sure we would be camping in the rain. To me that sounded great, and even better – a great test for the Ar•Ya Hammock to see how it performs in bad weather.

Bad weather? Um, yeah, Crazy storms all night. So loud it woke me up once or twice. We both stayed completely dry however. We rigged one Ar•Ya Hammock with carabiners – attaching beneath the overhead rain fly so the Ar•Ya ropes were 100% sheltered. The other we tied right to the trees. The carabiner set up was 100% dry. For the the tree set up I used some pieces of shoelace to tie to the ropes and divert the water as it came down the ropes. That worked well – the side with the shoestrings was basically dry. The side without the strings was damp about 2-4 inches down the hammock, but no water running down and into my pants! I’ll take that over nylon any day. I was in a sleeping bag and felt nothing of course, but when you consider how hard it was raining all night I was happy to be dry and warm!

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