While wrapping up the build of the Ar•Ya.is web site, I realized I had done most of it relaxing in my Ar•Ya Hammock. Sure, I may be slightly biased when it come to my hammock but the truth of the matter is that I can spend long periods of time like this – comfortably. My work requires I spend a lot of time working via computer. Desks and desk chairs – horrible for my back (which is under regular chiropractic care from years of too much fun!); standing desks – nope; the couch – I always end up slouching to one side or the other and end up with an aching back or neck. Then I tried an Ar•Ya Hammock.

The Ar•Ya Hammock is my perfect office. From my knees to my head I’m fully supported. Gravity is my friend in the hammock. I can adjust the support for my back simply by moving the seams around under me. My head is comfortably supported from the base of my skull to the top of my head and when my head moves it moves with me. I can swing! I love to swing! Again, the Ar•Ya Hammock surprises me.

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