Two Ar•Ya Hammocks

We’re happy to announce that we are up and running in the U.S. and officially open for business! We have been open for few days and we’ve been sending hammocks south to Florida, west as far as Arizona, some to the east, some to the north, and several in Tennessee too! We’ve had nothing but awesome feedback and everyone genuinely enjoys their Ar•Ya Hammocks. Yay!

Launching a business isn’t easy, duh. We all know this. Actually doing it though is quite an experience. I never would have imagined I’d be coordinating product and marketing deliverables between partners in Europe and Asia, from a hammock in my front yard in Tennessee. Its been challenging, trying, rewarding, stressful, fun, awesome, terrible, and downright amazing. Here in the U.S. this is a one man operation – me! My wife contributes a great deal as well though she’ll take no credit. But for the foreseeable future I’m the guy arranging the orders from Delhi and importing them to the US; inspecting and preparing all units for sale; managing and shipping the orders; accounting for all of that; designing and developing all aspects of the brand and web site; maintaining the web store; and of course promoting and selling hammocks.

There you have it, that’s Ar•Ya America. We decided to start small and move slowly. I know the cool thing to do these days is to get a KickStarter going and everyone gets excited about the crazy cheap awesome deal they’re about to get. Everyone loves a sale, I do too. We chose instead to invest in ourselves, and offer an incredible product at the best price we can afford to sell it for. No sales, no gimmicks, just a fantastic handmade hammock made of Ar•Ya – a fabric like no other.

I’m sure its nice to see your crowd funding page hit many thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks, and really nice to get paid so fast! I chose to first just get a great hammock here for people and start selling them. Start making smiles. And these hammocks DO make smiles! I see the photos and for now, that’s enough pay for this guy. Getting ‘paid’ isn’t the goal however, its a byproduct. The goal is being accomplished with every new sale from this day forward. This hammock I’m sitting in right now as I type this has had a very positive affect on my day-to-day life, no joke. I want that for everyone! Or something close to it.

So – be the juice that helps Ar•Ya stay alive through our infant stages and then take pride in watching us grow. It takes a village to do anything worth doing, and so far the Ar•Ya village is the bomb.

Cheers! Thanks! See you OUTside.

Andy Harper

Andy says THANKS!

Andy says THANKS!

Calvin and Andy in Umbria, Italy

Calvin and Andy in Umbria, Italy

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