Hanging Your Ar•Ya Hammock
The included flat nylon webbing rope makes hanging your Ar•Ya Hammock a breeze. Below is a video showing just what to do. You simply take the ropes from one side of the hammock in each hand, run the left around the left side, the right around the right side, bring them back around towards you; if you have enough rope keep looping around the tree/carabiner/whatever; to finish simply tie a bow knot just as you would tie your shoes.

The important thing is to avoid tying a knot in your webbing rope, and placing body weight on that knot. If you do the knot becomes extremely difficult to remove. If this happens, we find it helps to continually wet the knot while you work it loose. Patience helps there.

If you’d like to purchase some additional straps to lengthen your reach or just speed things up even more, a simple search for ‘hammock straps’ will give you lots of great options. Our favorite of this lot lately is the ‘cinch buckle’ suspension, also easy to find with a quick search. We plan to offer something along these lines in our store as soon as we can!

Should you have a rope loss (no!!) that’s no problem, contact us at [email protected] and you can order a replacement. (soon these will be available online)


Hanging Your Ar•Ya Hammock

Caring for your Ar•Ya Hammock
The Ar•Ya Hammock is machine washable, we advise a cold temperature and a gentle cycle. The Ar•Ya Hammock will air dry rather fast, we do not advise placing in a clothes dryer. You may leave the ropes installed for washing though it is possible they may become caught and cause damage to either the hammock or the washing machine. You have been warned! (though as I write this I’ve always washed mine with the ropes, never heard of anyone having problems)

Packing • Storing Your Ar•Ya Hammock
Your Ar•Ya Hammock is shipped in its stuff sack, folded flat. The ability to fold flat is one of the unique characteristics of the Ar•Ya Hammock. While the Ar•Ya Hammock can be stuffed into a compression type stuff sack (turning it into a tiny softball sized object) we prefer most times to pack it flat. We have found that packing it flat can save valuable space in your pack for other things.

When it comes to storing your Ar•Ya Hammock that’s up to you. Some people just stuff it in the sack, others fold it and place in the sack. Some people throw it in the corner until they need it again. I use mine daily (I’m in it as I type this) so I don’t store mine 🙂

Extend Your Hammock and Camping Knowledge

the-ultimate-hang-hammock-bookGetting outside and enjoying the outdoors in a hammock as opposed to a tent can be a scary undertaking for some people. What kind of anchors or trees should I use? How far apart should they be? How tight should the hammock be? What’s a ridgeline? What’s an underquilt? Is this really necessary?

If you’d like to learn the answers to these questions and more,  check out The Ultimate Hang – a must have book! Then check out the author’s site at theultimatehang.com for even more great content and current hammock news and gear reviews.

Return Policy

All customers have 30 days to return any products with manufacturing defects for a full refund or replacement at no cost. Send us a message at [email protected] and we’ll take care of you.

Improper use, improper care, damage from an accident, normal wear and tear – these things do not warrant a refund or exchange.

Let us know if you have a problem, and we’ll make it right. End of story.


The Ar•Ya Hammock is handcrafted with the utmost care to ensure the highest quality product possible. It is possible and likely that we will refine our designs and practices in the future, as we are always looking for ways to improve.

When using the Ar•Ya Hammock, we do NOT advise using or carrying sharp objects such as fine jewelry, pocket knives, utility devices, etc., within the Ar•Ya Hammock. While the Ar•Ya is very strong, and very durable – it is still a soft fabric and will be permenantly damaged if caught in a fight with a sharp object. Take care not to allow your Ar•Ya fabric to be misused and it will last many years.

The Ar•Ya Hammock is NOT a toy. The Ar•Ya Hammock is great fun for adults and children alike, but common sense must be employed in all usage situations. If the ropes or fabric are used in a way not intended, serious injury can result and we advise against using the ropes or material in any way other than as intended.

The Ar•Ya Hammock was designed to relax, sleep, protect, shade, and more. Your usage of the Ar•Ya Hammock will depend on your recreation needs and lifestyle. For suspending people we advise no other usage other than the typical traditional hanging hammock setup. Hanging from two dependable, solid anchor points is the intended use for suspending people in the Ar•Ya Hammock. Any other method of suspending people with the Ar•Ya Hammock is not advised.

Safety first: when entering/sitting in the Ar•Ya Hammock, you first sit comfortably in one of the three sections of the Ar•Ya-hammock. Next allow gravity to assist you while you turn yourself around as desired, for optimal relaxation. NEVER enter the Ar•Ya Hammock from the ends where the ropes are located, as this practice leads to spinning and flipping. Always enter the Ar•Ya Hammock from the sides.

How you enjoy your Ar•Ya Hammock will be affected by how you handle the hammock, how you shift yourself around within the hammock panels, and how you utilize gravity to help you position yourself in the most comfortable positions. If you need help, visit our web site to watch some helpful videos. Have fun with your Ar•Ya Hammock!